Wiseman Cage

Can also be used as a bird cage by installing the lower grate. 
(Cage comes with lower grate )
As shown below


bird cage or bird cages

Bird Cage ( shown with side door option)  Branch and toy not included

Here at King Solomon we are well known for our quality bird cages. We are now introducing our new line of quality built reptile cages.
The cage shown here is just a taste of what we can build for you. From background picture holders to elaborate branch systems, we 
can built it with Furniture quality.
All of our bird cages are very tuff, and with a little alteration by us, we can change any of our cages into reptile cages.  Here is a list
of cages we can build for you!

Iguana cage, Lizard cage, Snake cage, Mouse cage, Hamster Cage, Monkey cage, and for many more types of pets!  

Just give us a call and tell us which cage you what and will build it!     800-960-8686



                                                       Side View of Reptile cage, Acrylic on all four sides


                         Top View of Reptile cage ( top lifts off )                                                   Pullout tray for storage / clean out tray
                          (Shown with light option)





Outside:34" wide x 18" deep x 21" tall
Inside: 30" wide x 15" deep x 17" tall

Price: $ See new website: www.kingsolomoncages.com
Side door option $50.00
light option $20.00
Standard Color : Natural   


Background picture and
Ornaments not included
for our color chart see our cage options

The following are manufactured By King Solomon Cages: (Bird cages) Macaw cages, African Gray cages, Cockatoo Cages, Cockatiel Cages, Parrot Cages,  Finch Cages and all type of bird cages.  (Reptile Cages) Iguana Cages, Lizard Cages, Snake Cages, Turtle Cages, Hamster cages, Mice cages, Monkey Cages and many more small pets that need to be held in a cage. If you know of any more type of pets you would like a cage for please let us know by calling us at: 800-960-8686 And we can built it at furniture quality.

Check out other reptile cages on the rest of our web site.

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